Celebrate special occasions with style in California

Celebrate special occasions with style in California

A centralized location and adequate parking facilities are very important for the success of any banquet hall. The standard of catering, event planning and other amenities will ultimately determine the future of the venue. To make overall planning a hassle-free process, it is important for the event planners to work with a number of vendors, so that there is flexibility in allocation of resources. One such venue that will cater to all your needs is Flamingo banquets.

Flamingo has three venues across California- Watt Avenue in Northern Highlands, Florin Road in Sacramento, and Lincoln Road in East Vallejo. The venues are located close to the ever vibrant Silicon Valley, so that guests can relax and enjoy the beautiful aspects of life. Just off highway 80, you will realize that these places are ideal for parties and weddings.

A wedding is always a more elaborate event than, let’s say, a cocktail party. The entry of the bride has to be planned in a detailed fashion, various rituals have to be executed in a trouble-free manner, and of course, facilities such as air conditioning, catering and parking space need to be in order. An event planner will constantly coordinate to ensure that everything falls into place on D-day.

You can decide your own theme 

If you have a specific theme in mind, such as a starry night, a beach party, a romantic or a rustic evening, then get in touch with Flamingo’s event planners. They will conceptualize the entire theme to ensure that the party is able to fulfill your expectations. All aspects, from catering to decorations, welcoming the guests and seating arrangements will be handled by the expert planners.

Outdoor or indoor

Seating can be arranged outdoors, indoors, or as a combination of both. It will be best to have outdoor arrangements on a day when the weather is pleasant, or it can get really uncomfortable for the guests. As a result, this may lead to crowding on the inside. You wouldn’t want such a situation on your special day, would you?

Your guests love to eat

It is best to offer a variety of cuisines to pamper different guests. Sit with the event planner to decide the kind(s) of cuisine(s) that you wish to have at your wedding. If one decides to keep Indian cuisine, as an example, the counter for appetizers needs to be fairly large. Flamingo has specialty chefs who can cater to American, Indian, Mexican and Pakistani food. No one will want guests to return home dissatisfied with the food, so all arrangements will be made to provide hot, hygienic and tasty items.

Event planners at the Flamingo banquet hall understand that the requirement of one event can be very different from another. For example, corporate events may involve the service of only cocktail snacks, along with drinks. On the other hand, a wedding will have a full course menu, with or without drinks. At the end of the day, it is the duty of staff at Flamingo banquets to ensure that every guest returns with a smile on his or her face.


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