High quality catering and wedding planning by Flamingo

High quality catering and wedding planning by Flamingo

Among the forever changing nuances of modern living, people need to slow down every once in a while and enjoy the finer things in life. One such occasion is a wedding, where the entire family and its extended bits come together to meet and participate in a new beginning. For this to take place in a smooth manner, one must have booked catering and wedding planning services several months in advance, and the company to take care of the above is Flamingo banquets in the US. 

Flamingo banquets have 30+ years of experience in the field of wedding catering, so you can be sure that your American guests will be treated with style and panache. Over this period, it has catered to 12000+ people across the state of California. Even though there are a number of catering options, our delighted customers still choose to return to us, the menus and convenience of operations being two major reasons. 

The number of guests you have may not always be fixed right up to the last moment. Every banquet hall USA needs to be prepared for last-minute changes, and so Flamingo provides halls keeping a specific buffer in mind. On average, most of their halls are able to accommodate 500 persons on an average. 

Exquisite food

Delectable food is often the hallmark of any great function, the wedding being one of them. Cuisine should be lip-smackingly tasty, and such food can only be offered by Flamingo. They have chefs specializing in Indian, Pakistani, Mexican and American cuisines. Additionally, if you wish to have a different kind of cuisine for your special event, the same can be arranged by them.  

When you visit the banquet, you get a chance to discuss and plan the entire menu with their banquet staff. The staff will also help you visualize the gastronomical arrangements, as well as show you the areas where the food will be displayed. You will have the option to choose an arrangement as per your liking. 

Banquet services USA can be provided for various types of occasions. Some common occasions are anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, quinceaneras, wedding receptions, and corporate events. The staff at Flamingo understands that the requirement of one can be very different from the other, and provide services accordingly. 

In a number of communities around the world, respect for a family is gathered as per the kind of event they are able to organize. It is not always necessary that the scale of celebrations has to be massive, but more importantly, everyone needs to feel cared for. Personalized attention in a small gathering can be more influential than a massive gathering with varying levels of service. Whatever be the case, Flamingo banquets is adequately equipped to handle both situations with aplomb. It is for this reason that their banquet hall USA is very well known across California. So, if royal treatment is what you want on your special day, Flamingo will certainly be able to help you feel like a king or queen. 

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